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2017 Comprehensive Zoning Review Public Input 

Two things determine what can happen on a property: the zoning of the property and the Zoning Code.  The Zoning Code changes frequently, but the ongoing Comprehensive Zoning Review (CZR) is most citizens’ ONLY chance to influence  zoning.

Here is the LIST OF PROPERTIES  that have requested a change in zoning, what each will likely be given unless the public objects (column heading “Bill 17-015”) and what FOH recommends (FOH column).  A summary of the properties we’re most concerned about is HERE

We urge you to speak up for the zoning you feel is right. Either speak up at the County Council’s final public hearing on Monday October 2 (Aberdeen HS at 6:30pm) or Thursday October 5 (Bel Air HS at 6:30pm).  You’ll have up to 3 minutes and need to arrive early to sign up to speak.

As always, we also urge you to email your opinion to the County Council. 


We are your neighbors, volunteers working to preserve Harford’s quality of life by effectively informing residents and by advocating policies and actions for responsible land use. 

Friends of Harford Annual Meeting Presentation- June,2017

Volunteer watchdog group stakes out positions on Harford Comprehensive Zoning review

The Aegis, June 12, 2017

Our vision

Friends of Harford has a vision of Harford County as a community where an exceptional quality of life is achieved through respecting the environment and the needs of all citizens, by protecting natural resources, improving neighborhoods and preserving open space and our rural character.

We believe that this vision can only be realized if decisions about growth in our community are consistently influenced by a wide spectrum of citizen input and support.

How we got started

From Darlington to Joppa, and Havre de Grace to Fallston, many of us were involved in community or development issues in the past. A number of us served on the local Community Planning Councils (CPCs) that had been put into place by the Harford County Executive in 1994. And all of us were frustrated by massive residential development, overcrowded schools and highways, and other growth-related issues affecting our families and neighborhoods in Harford County.

This group of individuals determined that the citizens of the County needed an organization that would actively work to educate our citizens on growth issues and work with government to create a better future for the county. Friends of Harford, Inc. held its first public meeting in May 1997. A few hundred citizens attended, evidencing the depth of concern about growth issues in Harford County.

More about our history.

Our Officers and Board

Co-President Morita Bruce, Stephanie Flasch 
Vice President Alan Sweatman
Secretary Lee Crush
Treasurer Bill Onorato
Past President Sally LaBarre

Board Members
Judy Blomquist, Patti Dallam, Glenn Dudderar, Janet Hardy, Ron Henry
Gloria Moon, Beth Poggioli, Florian Svitak, Tracey Slaughter

In Memoriam – Robert Bruce, Friends of Harford’s original ​Webmaster.  Without his able guidance and perseverance, we would still be using chisels and stone as he was fond of saying.  Thanks Bob.

Friends of Harford Annual Report 2016-2017

Friends of Harford Annual-2015-2016-Report