Election 2018

In anticipation of the upcoming election, Friends of Harford asked Harford County Candidates for County Executive and County Council to please respond to the following questions so that we may understand their perspectives and reasoning on land use issues.

Responses received by April 15th posted on the Candidate Response page

Harford County Executive Candidate Questions

Harford County Council Candidate Questions

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Harford County Candidate Listing for General Election

November 6, 2018- Source- MD State Board of Election

County Executive Glassman  Barry
County Executive Forgan  Maryann Connaghan
President of the County Council Vincenti  Patrick
President of the County Council Hines  Frank “Bud”
County Council Blasdell  Donna
County Council Johnson  Andre V.
County Council Woods  Joe
County Council Oshinsky  Suzanne
County Council Giangiordano  Tony “G”
County Council Kukurin  Karen
County Council Shrodes  Chad R.
County Council Salvatore  Jean M.
County Council Wagner  Robert S.
County Council Johnson  Bridgette
County Council Beulah  Curtis L.
County Council Roche  Winifred “Wini”
State’s Attorney Peisinger  Albert
State’s Attorney Taylor  Carlos R.
Clerk of the Circuit Court Reilly  James
Clerk of the Circuit Court Kurth  Sabra M.
Register of Wills Hopkins  Derek K.
Register of Wills Strickland Lucas  Jo Wanda
Sheriff Gahler  Jeffrey R.
Sheriff Boardman  Christopher C.
Board of Education Robinson  Jansen M.
Board of Education Bauer  David
Board of Education Antal  Jim
Board of Education Carmello  Kathryn
Board of Education Rush  Tamera
Board of Education Williamson  Alfred “AL”
Board of Education Gauthier  Rachel
Board of Education Kaff  Art
Board of Education Fitzpatrick  Thomas
Board of Education Karwacki  Sonja